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Hama iPhone 6/6s Full Screen Protector (00173291)

  • Referentie-nr. 00173291
  • Bechtle artikelnummer 4052170
Levertijd: Dit product is niet meer leverbaar.
Toepassing: Mobiele telefoon/smartphone, Schermgrootte: 11,9 cm (4,7"), Beeldformaat: 16:9, Producttype: Displaybescherming  Gedetailleerde beschrijving

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Hama Full Screen screen protector for iPhone 6/6s

For Apple iPhone 6/6s

High-tech screen protector to keep your display free from smears, smudges, dust and scratches
Flexible high-tech material that adapts to edges and corners to ensure curved displays are completely covered
Easy-On applicators
Anti-static microfibre cloth for cleaning delicate displays
Easy to apply without air bubbles, can be removed without leaving any residue

1 full screen screen protector
1x microfibre cloth
1 fix card
1 applicator
4x Easy-On applicators
1x Easy-On application instructions

Meer informatie

    Technische gegevens

    Toepassing:Mobiele telefoon/smartphone
    Schermgrootte:11,9 cm (4,7")
    Fabrieksgarantie: 1 jaar Carry-In (Details: zie website van fabrikant)

    Fabrikant Hama: