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Hama NiMH Batteries 4x AA (HR6) (00087078)

  • Referentie-nr. 00087078
  • Bechtle artikelnummer 722249
Levertijd: Dit product is niet meer leverbaar.
Batterijtype: AA Mignon, Oplaadbaar: ja, Accucapaciteit: 2000 mAh, Spanning: 1.2 V, Producttype: Batterij  Gedetailleerde beschrijving

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Michael Verjans, produktmanager bij Bechtle
Michael Verjans
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- Quick charging, high-performance NiMH batteries for virtually any area of application (e.g. with high current equipment such as radio devices, GPS receivers, flashguns, remote controls, clocks)
- Specially developed to retain its charge, even with long storage times
- Very low self-discharge—ready-to-use for weeks
- Fast charge: max. 1000 mA with minus Delta V charging supervision
- Without memory effect
- Environment-friendly
- 4 pieces

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    Technische gegevens

    Batterijtype:AA Mignon
    Accucapaciteit:2000 mAh
    Spanning:1.2 V
    Fabrieksgarantie: 1 jaar Carry-In (Details: zie website van fabrikant)

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